Tiefling Druid of the Moon


Southport, being a port town so aptly named, is home to an eclectic mix of peoples. In there, a myriad of races, dreams, ideologies, and professions exist. Many people pass through there on their way to or from Adamantia for trade or supplies, others to stay a while and rest before adventuring, and due to that, residents typically aren’t concerned by outsiders and pay them little to no mind.

There is, however; one individual that happens by the town infrequently that is rather infamous.

A Tiefling by the name of Mordecai. To some of Southport he is known as the eccentric devil tree-hugger; to others, the famed scholar of the forest. To others still, they only stare and whisper, afraid of the unnatural naturalist. Despite their fears or praises, Mordecai treats nearly everyone with equal amounts of disdain. Only really able to relax in nature, and having little desire to be anywhere but, he keeps his visits to Southport as short as possible. He has little patience for those that he deems don’t appreciate nature. He refers to the people of Southport as, “Those insufferable inbred backwater louts.” Despite his cantankerous nature and antagonistic tongue, he is very dutiful to tasks asked of him and rarely says no when asked albeit with much grumbling. Those who self-identify as his friends or colleagues often call him simply doctor on account of his healing abilities.

Not much is known about his history, or how one of his kind became a druid of all things. People speculate that one of the Tiefling bands living around the area left him behind, and he was picked up by a circle of druids. The druids must have been a more extremist lot, so they think, to color Mordecai’s view of city-dwellers in such a harsh fashion. Those more sympathetic to him would argue that it’s their own fault Mordecai doesn’t respect them. His sinister Tiefling appearance mixed into his paradoxical druid profession put people on edge resulting in little to no tact in the stares, whisperings, and mistrust when he first came to town; he only answered in kind as a result. Some believe he tried to talk to the mayor and captain of the guard about his concerns with the land by Southport, only to fall deaf ears. Others just say he was raised by wolves and he just treats everyone like prey. What is known is that people are curious about the man, and that he gets really annoyed when people ask him about it; often leading to some choice curt responses. Those that have traveled with him find that he is more amicable outside of the city in nature, and say that not even he is really sure of his own history.

Mordecai has been researching ruins outside of Southport for a while, and has been finding curious trends in animal species. The last time he went to go report his findings and concerns to Captain Jack, he found himself put into an adventuring party to go locate two missing men. Jack is hoping that this will help Mordecai to become better at dealing with people, and perhaps even help the people of the city see Mordecai as someone not to be afraid of. Or at least, breed better relations between the two. Jack is getting very tired of people complaining and making up ludicrous stories about Mordecai while Mordecai taunts them by saying stuff like their abhorrent ignorance and comical dearth of mental capacitance to generate even the most basic level of plausibility in their accusations just further serves as to why these cretins deserve his antipathy.


Mordacai is a tall, slender Tiefling male. He stands 6’2" and weighs around 170 lbs. He has solid pure-silver colored eyes with ram-like horns emitting from his forehead. He has long dark blue, almost black hair behind his horns that he ties off in a pony-tail. He has a grizzly beard. His skin is dark crimson in color. He wears a green flowing robe of natural materials he made himself over his studded leather armor, and his tail is usually wrapped around his leg hidden beneath the robe. Children would grab his tail in town on dares, so he rarely shows it now. He carries a long gnarled walking staff that doubles as a quarterstaff. He carries most his materials and tools in a backpack, with other more precious items in a series of belt pouches.


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