Finn "SilverBolt" Reinhart

Human Rogue Charlatan


Crossbow weilding trickster


It was the loudest thunder any Gnome had ever heard, so they say. The shaking had some worried the Volcano might have awoken! The truth was a large luxury cruise ship had just rammed over the reef and dug itself into the beach by a half mile. As the sound of the crash waned the rising tide of battle cries took over. Pirates appeared from the cruise ship and descended on New Gnomehome’s beaches with weapons at the ready.

The Gnomes are an efficient race of tinkerers. By the time the sun set the next day, the entire cruise ship had been dismantled and re-appropriated. No matter the protests from anyone hoping to use the wreckage to get back home, every bolt and cog would be put to use in the massive mountain home’s various constructs. Defending New Gnomehome wasn’t a new experience, the amount of valuable technologies and precious metals often brought unscrupulous characters. This particular situation, it appears, a cruise ship from the mainlands had been attacked by pirates mid-voyage and used as a weapon to crush through Gnomehome’s coastal defenses. A majority of the passengers and crew survived the ordeal and were temporarily housed in Gnomehome while passage back to the mainland could be arranged. However one passenger in particular had an unusual circumstance. A toddler, no more than 3 years old, was found among the survivors. A Gnome fishing family took the small boy in until a trip back to home could be acquired.

Through the wreckage the boy’s entire traveling luggage was found, as well as what appears to have been his mothers baggage. These clues helped find the child’s name, Finn Reinhart, son of Sylvia Reinhart. No mention of a father could be found, and there were no traces of a male presence in the baggage. There was also no trace of Sylvia. It appears all of her equipment was loaded to the ship but she herself never boarded. The child was found alone a few days into the journey and taken care of by the crew while attempts to find the mother onboard and back at home turned up empty.

Messages between the mainland and New Gnomehome gave further questions to the mystery. Sylvia was nowhere to be found in their hometown. The Reinhart family had vanished without a trace. All that was left was this child living among Gnomes. The next available boat to the mainland was short on space, only a few could make the trip. By the time enough people had made their way home, months had past.

Corwin Tobar was a simple fisherman, he and his wife Jossa had been working in the coastal area of New Gnomehome for over 15 years before they volunteered to take in the small human child. As months past the child brought terror and frustration to the family but something else. A genuine joy seemed to follow this child. Each day was significantly more interesting than the last. A particular dusk saw the child sleeping in a quickly fastened bed after a rough tantrum that wore him straight out. Corwin took a long drag from a cold-stone pipe he had on his persons for over 10 years now. Jossa sat down and looked at him deeply. His expression lightened up briefly, smirking slightly.

“Yes, I think you’re right.” He said, pulling the pipe from his lips. Jossa had not spoken in a while prior to the statement but the mood said everything.
“There’s no one there for him. He’s a pain but I almost can’t bear the thought of him leaving.” Jossa was nervous but Corwin’s attitude reassured he that he was on the same page.
“I’ll speak with the Guardsmen in the morning. We’ll raise him better than the city would.” Corwin said taking a breath before enjoying the silence of the evening once more.

24 Years Later
Town of Southport

“I don’t care if being ‘raised by Gnomes’ makes him ‘slippery’ just ARREST HIM. This town isn’t THAT big!” A gruff man in a slightly wrinkled uniform shouted at two men on the other end of his desk. Captain of the Guard in Southport, Jack Duncan, rests his cheek in his palm and looks at the report in front of him. Finn Reinhart had been a resident of Southport now for most of his adult life. Becoming too tall for the Gnomehome and setting out to make a name for himself in a bustling port town and the much more alluring ruins of Adamantia. Finn could not hold down a job for the life of him. He’s a very energetic, charismatic man with the sarcasm that rivals some of the best Gnomes from back home. His time in Southport has mostly been marked as being a surprisingly competent con man and using tricks and slight of hand to get by.

Finn and Jack have a decent history of run-ins throughout Reinhart’s history of mischief. It has gotten to the point where keeping Finn busy or out of trouble has become one of Jack’s primary responsibilities. Duncan is a strong willed captain who would never show a sign of weakness to his men. But secretly his pursuits of Finn have become a bit of a game that both he and Finn wouldn’t admit to having enjoyed from time to time. Neither man has ever gone too far one way or the other as to cause actual harm to the people of Southport. Finn has made his way with a very finely trained set of roguish skills and Jack enjoys setting up traps for him and playing cat and mouse. When the city comes under serious threat, the games end and the two find themselves on the same side, defending the city in their own ways. A sense of respect is built up for each other that is not entirely understood by outsiders.

Present day, Duncan has developed a plan of his own to see to it that Finn comes into his own as a respectable adult. It happens to work in tandem with an assignment on his desk. The parchment reads “Duncan, Put together a team of adventurers and assign them the following tasks. Assign rewards as necessary. Signed, Jesiah Quimbal – Mayor”

Finn is a squarish built Caucasian human male. He stands at about 5’10" and hovers around 180lbs. He has dark blonde hair and brown eyes. He wears a brown jacket made of thin leather, several small packs and a shoulder-strap that has a majority of his belongings in a bag against his back. He has always been known to carry a pair of goggles on him that he brought with him from Gnomehome. They have never been proven to have any magical property. He wears thick cloth pants with stitched leather as well as a leather cover from his knee to his ankles. Under which are some standard rugged boots.

Finn "SilverBolt" Reinhart

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