Adamantia is the Imperial colony in the south, as well as the name of its primary city.

About a century ago, Imperial expeditions were dispatched in several directions with the desperate goal of finding useful resources with which to combat the increasingly more powerful orc forces of the west. Of the eight expeditions that ventured out, only three returned. Of those three that returned, one had succeeded.

That expedition had journeyed south across the sea, through treacherous waters that none had dared sail through before. Some had made an attempt at mapping it some time before, but none had ventured further. After a few weeks at sea, the expedition crew spotted land. The place where they landed is now home to the town of Southport. Their morale brightened by the feel of land on their feet again, the crew ventured inland a ways and discovered the Empire’s salvation.

The land, they found, was rich in Adamantite, a legendary mineral thought to be nothing more than that. To make things even better, they practically tripped over ruins filled with strange magical artifacts. Some of these, they thought, were bound to be weapons that could be used in their fight with the orcs.

And so a short time later, in this land far from the rich cultural center of their empire, the colony of Adamantia was founded. Its purpose: harvest the legendary mineral and find ancient weapons that can be used to end the orcish menace once and for all.


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