New Gnomehome

New Gnomehome is not the home of all gnomes, but it is the home of many tinker gnomes. Also it may or may not be an active volcano.

Some centuries ago, a large group of gnomes from the western edge of the empire were forced to flee due to an orc invasion. The empire, which in those years was pouring the majority of its resources into securing the shared border with the orcs, was unable to effectively aid their gnomish allies in their time of need. Thus the surviving gnomes were forced to set out by sea in a massive flotilla in hopes that they would find a new home.

A couple of years at sea later, when supplies had been drained and desparation was at its peak, a lone gnome that had taken it upon himself to scout out in a wide area around the flotilla found a lone mountain jutting out of the sea. On its slopes were trees bearing a delicious fruit of a kind none had ever tasted before. He dubbed them ‘Oranges’ for their orange color. This gnome lives on in legend as Twindle ‘Orange Finder’ Shinwizz.

The mountain was quickly set upon by the gnomes that had little to tinker with over their two years at sea. They dug into the mountain, finding it rich in iron, copper, tin, and silver. Massive workshops were constructed deep in the mountain, with tremendous smokestacks stretching far outside.. The active pools of magma deep, deep in the mountain are actively used for the forging of tremendous wonders of science and invention. Also, it bears repeating, it may or may not be an active volcano.

They also harvested the oranges and set up tiered farms dug into the side of their new home. An artificial port was constructed from the dismantled remains of the flotilla and New Gnomehome quickly became a major sea trade center between the empire, the five kingdoms, the Collegiate, and the high elf kingdom.

Now with the founding of Adamantia to the south, New Gnomehome has become an even busier hub of activity as the various settlers, adventurers, and inquisitive minds stop for supplies and trade before heading off to Southport and beyond. Most don’t venture into the mountain itself but remain on the artificial port, not wanting to see the strange city of tinkers and eccentric gnomes. Also the volcano.

New Gnomehome

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