Southport is a relatively small coastal town. The town has a population of only a few hundred, which is quite small in the context of mainland Imperial towns, and it serves as a trade hub and supply point for the newly-established Imperial colony, Adamantia.

The area around Southport lies in a salt marsh at a lower elevation than much the rest of the colony. As this is unsuitable for farming, it is largely unattractive to most of the imperial migrants. Southport’s population consists largely of fishermen, traders, merchants, dockworkers, crafters, and a small force of watchmen. A few trappers, hunters, and prospectors can also be found making use of what few resources can be found on land.

As the gateway to Adamantia for much of the potential visitors from across the known world, the port also contains an Imperial Customs House that is charged with recording every visitor, migrant, adventurer, indentured servant, and piece of cargo that makes it to port.

The town is lead by Mayor Jesiah Quimbal.


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