Welcome to Southport

On the road to Adamantia

Eatin' Babies 'n' shit

With their success in Southport under their belts, the adventurers took up a job from the Arcanologist’s Guild: to guard a caravan headed to Adamantia. The cargo was a mysterious box, discovered in some of the ruins in the area. The arcanologist that traveled with them was Nick Cave, a dwarf.

While traveling through the woods, the party was attacked by a group of native elves. They defeated the elves, and captured one of the elves, Galolas. The group decided to bring the elf with them to Adamantia, to bring the bandit to justice.

Afterwards, the adventurers decided to rest in a small farming village. They arrived at the time of their local harvest festival. Galolas had a very bad feeling about the village, but the party paid him no heed and had him put in the local jail. That night at the festival the group noticed a strange thing: there were no children in the town.

The next day, the party discovered that their prisoner was missing, and a mother was missing her child. Even stranger, the crops in the fields were fully grown and ready to be harvested again.

The party went out to investigate the fields, and were attacked by animated scarecrows. Following a magical trail, the group continued on into a nearby forest. There, they discovered a Hag and her undead guardians, including the recently zombified Galolas. The adventurers defeated the Hag and rescued the missing child. It was discovered that the Hag had struck a deal with the farming village: In exchange for children, she would provide them with a magical seed that would instantly grow their crops.

The group took possession of the magical bag which produces these seeds, and returned the child. The group left the town, who now have to work their fields, and held on to the bag. Gathering up their things, the group left with Nick Cave and continued on their way to Adamantia.


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