Welcome to Southport

The Adventure Begins

Southport and the Southern Ruins

Heskan, Mordecai, Finn “SilverBolt” Reinhart, Jane Evans, andNezrin Ipekarrats were assigned the task of locating a missing person, Jerald, a gnome, in the ruins south of Southport. On the way to the ruins, the group ran into Thombold “Tom Thumb” Muzzlewitt, a delightful forest hermit. The group was attacked by several different groups of “dire” creatures. The group was able to rescue Jerald and brought him back to town.

The next morning, Tom and Finn discovered that Bartholomew Pract had died from a sudden head explosion. It was discovered that the cause of this was an Intellect Devourer. Later, the town of Southport was attacked by more dire creatures. The group of adventurers was able to defend the town. Jerald was also missing.

Using directions they had acquired from Jerald, the group made their way to the ruins to the south. By translating some runes, they were able to determine the ruins were called the Primordial Reversion Chamber.

The adventurers made their way to the deepest area of the ruins, where they found Jerald, who had been taken over by the Intellect Devourer. Hesken defeated the possessed gnome by tossing it off the ledge. They discovered that this Primordial Reversion Chamber was the source of all of the dire creatures, which were “de-evolved” forest creatures. The adventurers disabled, but did not destroy, the mechanisms that were dire-izing creatures.

Adventure concluded!


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